Cloud Defensive Pocket Clips for 6P-Sized Lights.

Oct 26, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
This is a recommendation and endorsement of the 6P pocket clips available from Cloud Defensive.

Following up on another forum member's suggestion, I purchased two of Cloud Defensive's barrel-mounted pocket clips for 6P-sized lights. The clips are available in a long, deep-carry version, and in a shorter, 3/4 length version. I found the long version to be more useful to me when pocket-carrying an 18650 or 21700-powered light; the short clip is more useful to me when pocket-carrying a 6P light that is fitted with either an 18500 or 18350 barrel, or is bored for 16xxx diameter cells. (In my case I attached the short clip to a G2 Nitrolon host with a Malkoff drop-in and a 16650 cell.) In both cases the clips facilitate easy pocket carry, and when secured to the pocket by the clip, my 6P lights feel lighter and less bulky that they do when being carried loose in a jeans pocket. These clips are well made and clip securely to the pocket, without tearing the fabric. They will easily allow the light to be securely attached to pack straps or webbing. The clips are also easily installed: just unscrew the tailcap, slide the clip below the tailcap threads, then reattach the tailcap. Voila!

I have only positive things to report about these clips. Also, please note that I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever; this is just my impression of the utility of the pocket clips when attached to a standard 6P-style host. If you want a easy way to carry a 6P-sized torch, I recommend these products. The long clip is likely to be the most useful for full sized lights, so if you want to experiment with just one, I would encourage you to start with the long version.

(You can thank me later.) :cool:


Newly Enlightened
Oct 16, 2017
I agree, an excellent clip. I have used the shorter one for the last three days on my MD2 body in my leg pocket. Very easy one-handed operation and very secure. I also just realized it works well on my Z2 although the grip ring still does interfere a little clipping it in the pocket.


Apr 16, 2010
They are MCH clips, not 6P. They just so happen to fit the 6P lights lol.