Cloud Defensive MCH multi mode?

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Newly Enlightened
Dec 25, 2016
New York
That's funny as the light I am waiting on and was to be by last purchase is the M61 HOT with a couple of the Keeppower 18650s
Really just depends on what you need it for.
Do you need a thrower? Or are your needs met with more of a flooder light?

I just grabbed the modlites new release. Multi-mode heads.
programmable to be both high only
or high/low
100%/15% output

it's the perfect fit for what I need so I'm not really looking to buy any other lights in the forseeable future.
The Plh-V2 multi-mode head on an 18350 light body is aces.
You have a pocket rocket on high for any time you need to light up an entire structure or field, but you also have low mode for more regular EDC tasks that may arise throughout your day to day. It's also a good size for EDC. No chance I was EDCing the M61HOT in all reality, just a bit on the big and heavy side. -- certainly a solid and quality light though!