Practical Uses for Acebeam's E10 Mini-Thrower.

Oct 26, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
Others have already posted thorough reviews of the Acebeam E10: a palm-sized thrower, pushing a tight pencil-thin beam powered by a 2000mAh 26350 cell. I'm interested in learning how forum members are using the light. The beam is tight enough to make an excellent small inspection light, and the hotspot's relatively high candela allows detailed viewing and clear identification even at low output levels. I've already used mine to check marine engine operations, spotlighting areas of interest without interference from blinding reflections off of adjacent surfaces. My naval aviation nephew uses his to perform pre-flight aircraft inspections. And a very young family member has asked to borrow mine (for security reasons) when visiting her family's cabin, primarily to illuminate things that go "bump" in the night. (For those not familiar with this level of threat assessment, this is the woodland version of "monster in the closet.")

So, with apologies to the grammarians, what do you use your E10 for?


Newly Enlightened
Nov 14, 2012
I haven't used that light, but thanks for pointing it out. Very interesting form factor.

Those woodland monsters can be terrifying indeed. After some sleepless nights camping deep in the Ozarks, I finally trained a light on some mysterious nocturnal stalkers rustling around and creeping ever closer. For sure they were bears or cougars that wanted to eat me alive. Awww, just some cute little armadillos searching for bugs and berries!


Aug 15, 2006
My brother has an Olight Mini Marauder, same idea as the E10. He showed me indoors and I was very unimpressed. It was very bright but seemed like a toy. Made a 12" circle of light on the wall…

He brought it to my cabin a few weeks later and we used it outdoors: whoa! I had a floody 2000 lumen light and it was like a mini mag compared to his. It was incredible at 30-200 yards. We have a log pile about 50 yards from the cabin that has rabbits in it and attracts coyotes and the Mini Marauder illuminated every square inch of that pile, you could see rabbits tucked away in there.

The answer is: super tight spot lights are awesome outside.