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PRICE DROP Benchmade Knives Partial Immunity


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May 5, 2020
For sale I have three Benchmade Partial Immunity 2590BK-2 tactical knives.

I pre-ordered them from a local Benchmade dealer and waited all year for these. They didn't quite meet my needs, and I can't return them, so time to move them on! I can include proof of purchase if requested.

As usual with my auto knives, my work doesn't allow them, so I removed the springs. I can include the spring if requested, but I'll leave it up to the buyer to reinstall.

Two of the knives are completely unused and uncarried. The third was carried briefly, but never cut anything and is in pristine condition. The lightly carried knife does not have the lanyard/bead, but I know it's around somewhere, so I will include it if I can find it.

$225 $200 for each of the unused knives.
$200 $175 for the lightly carried knife.

Prices include US shipping to areas in which auto knives are legal. PayPal FF or Venmo. PayPal GS if you have extensive history and cover fees.


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