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  • Hey man o' big light! As you've probably noticed I haven't been around for awhile. My workbench exploits created some serious tension in the house and I had to back away a little.
    Then there's this very insane two weeks of desert Rat Patrol that somehow manages to keep the Death Ray in the family's good graces. That story has grown since 2 years ago, save that for another time.
    I know you miss your -1 & -3's. The offer is still good if you're ever up in the Seattle area to partake in a handling run! But please tell me what is up with the Flashlight Forum I just checked out and saw your Blitz project so well detailed?

    -Mark (IgNITEor)
    Photos did not fit into the first report....

    added electronics for constant current

    SST-50 on a new cooler (glued using "Arcit Aluminia) and 0.5 mm aluminum sheet

    0.5 mm aluminum plate on the SST-50

    Hi Bob,

    I have Romisen complete. I stuck SST-50 directly on a new cooler using "Arcit Aluminia" for perfect heat dissipation. And I made a cooler from above the SST-50 from 0.5 mm Al plate. This plate also divert heat to the Al reflector.

    I have done thermal protection in Romisen by using PTC thermistor. This protection reduces power LED when heated above 60-70 °C. Maybe it's too small temperature, but I'm afraid destruction of the LED (after previous destruction of the LED on the bad PCB, but LEDs are directly to cooler now).

    When I set about 90W, the SST-50 are now very hot. And flashlight is also hot=> thermal protection reduce the performance of SST-50 => flashligh will be lit at full power for only a short (but I'll have the assurance that the SST-50 don´t destroy ...)

    Initially I thought that I make more Romisen @ 6xSST-50, but the production is very difficult ... It will be probably only one original, yours ... :)

    Can I send you [email protected]?
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