Problems with Streamlight Argo HP


Newly Enlightened
Jan 30, 2008
So I've had a pair of Streamlight Argo HP's for as long as I can remember. And as long as I can remember, I've always had problems getting them to power on after I've swapped in a fresh set of batteries. This is with Streamlight, Surefire, and rechargeable 123 batteries. Once I get it to power on it's fine until I need to swap in a fresh set of batteries. I've sent the Argo's back to Streamlight twice for cracked housings right where the battery cap screws in and they've always replaced them. But I've always had the problem with getting them to power on. I've never mentioned it to Streamlight and I've always just lived with the problem. But I recently picked up a Zebralight single cell 123 headlamp and this thing has been perfect since day one.

Any ideas what could be wrong with these Argo HP's?