Proprietary Magnetic Charging Fail


Newly Enlightened
Aug 14, 2016
So firstly, the failure is on me - not being careful enough.

I tried to charge a Fitorch ER26 using a Skilhunt cable. The magnet pushed it away from the charging pad so of course I tried it a couple more times before I looked at the cable and realized my mistake. It didn't seem like a big deal at the time, just funny that they would arrange the magnets in an opposite configuration. No sparks, smoke etc…
A few minutes later I picked up the ER26 and it was HOT, VERY HOT. I quickly removed the battery. Before I did so I noticed the light on the on/off button was red.
So it cooled of but I am afraid to try it because it obviously shorted some circuitry in the light.
So just chalk it up to experience, and toss it? I already disposed of the battery. And of course it was my favorite light, I had it here with me in the hospital. We left kind of quickly to go to the ER so I didn't bring a backup so I'm using my phone…50 lights and I'm using my phone oh well lolol And haha.
I'm thinking I'm going to ask Fitorch if they will have mercy on me, but there's no reason they should. But they might -

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