Question about MagLite batteries and chargers


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Feb 25, 2023
Maglite rechargeable batteries are supposed to be 6 volt but every Maglite Charger I have seen say 14 volt. I called Maglite and asked if this was the facts and was told Maglite batterlies required 12-14 volts to charge up.

What I don't understand is why won't a trickle charger set to 6 volts not charge the batteries?

UPDATE: I found out that a battery will heat up to 113 degrees while charging. I checked my small trickle charger and it puts out 12.97 volts so I just put it on and will check it with infra red thermometer to see how hot it gets and report back

UPDATE 2. This morning I applied a trickle charger that delivers 12.97 volts at 6:05 this morning. I checked battery voltage at 8:55 and it was 3 volts and battery was not warm yet.

IIDF I will check it again about noon and add another update.

At 6 hours it was 5.40 volts. at 7 hours 5.37 volts.

The battery never felt warm. ????????

My other charger is in the 13 volt range. I will try it nextr.

I fabricated a battery charging box out of 1 1/4" PVC pipe with caps on both ends and 12 ga RED and WHITE wires run through the caps to copper discs that contact each end. This allows me to unclip charger and check the bolts by putting meter on the wires..

Update: I left it on my homemade charger with trickle charger all night and battery is 5 volts on the money. Charger puts out 12 - 12.9 volts.
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Jan 9, 2004
Mag specifies the input voltage for the cradle can be 10-18v. The AC charger power supply is 14 volts (actually more like 22v unloaded and 15v loaded on the old one I measured) but the Magcharger battery isn't directly charged at that level. The charging cradle has a simple solid state voltage regulator circuit in it that drops the voltage way down under load. I threw a light with a flat battery on the cradle and it measures 8.63v charging voltage to start with.

Hitting the battery with a unregulated 12v won't be good for it in the long run. Slow chargers usually run a volt or two over the charged voltage of a given battery.
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