Reasonable headlight output?


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Jul 25, 2014
So this is going to be my 2nd custom LED headlight assembly, my first setup were two pairs of 4x6 lamps that output 3200 lumens total (angled down of course) and... 14000 lumens total in high beam mode. It's a tad overkill but I do a lot of country driving and it's proven to be incredibly useful for spotting deer and whatnot. The light output is comparable to driving around with stadium lights and is imo on the overkill side.

For my second project I will not have as much room to work with given that i'm going to doing an H11B and H1 reflector housing retrofit assembly for my girlfriends car. The low beam reflector housings are actually aimed in such a way that even if you put HIDs inside you wouldn't be blinding other drivers.

And that got me wondering, what do you think is a reasonable light output in terms of lumens for both high and low beams? I want to keep this project a little bit more on the budget-friendly side.


Mar 26, 2004
Sorry, no. The lighting modifications/products you're asking about or recommending are illegal and unsafe. Homemade headlamps are not OK to take on public roads, despite your apparent misunderstanding of glare and aim. Rule 11 of this board prohibits advocating illegal or dangerous activity.

(And Rule 4 prohibits baiting and trolling, so think very carefully about how you participate)
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