Rebuilding laptop battery with new 18650s


Flashlight Enthusiast
Dec 19, 2004
Northern Virginia
So I swapped out my MSI GT80 Titan's battery, it was 7 years old and developed decreased runtime (not that it was every very good on a monster gaming laptop) but lately also developed very high self-discharge rates. As in, a fully charged battery would go lose 30% of the charge in a week.

I unwrapped the battery I removed and saw that it was pretty simple to solder in new 8x18650s. I forgot the precise model of the cells that were in there, but they were Panasonic NCR18650XX (I think it was NCR18650PR) and rated at 2900 mAh. I wonder what cells the new replacement battery has. I hope it's latest-greatest 3500mAh but very tempted to break open the wrapping and check. Would be stupid of them to use 5 year old technology when better cells are available.

This thing is so massive, the only laptop with a mechanical keyboard and a 18" screen, that it needs 8x21mm cells. Not 18650s. and make them user swappable. You know like the old corporate Dells where you could swap out the battery in 2 nanoseconds.

Maybe think out of the box and make the 21700 load like into a flashlight, with a spring on both end and a secure lid.