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Sold/Expired $$ REDUCED / Foursevens Mini Mk II Turbo (Cool White).

Oct 26, 2009
Columbus, Ohio

Foursevens Mini Mk II Turbo. Mint condition. PRICE REDUCED to $55.00
Acquired when this model was first released but since then rarely used, and then only around the house; never carried on a daily basis. For the past few years it's been resting in a protective silicon case. Cool white emitter. EDIT: As of now the offer also includes the clip, however I didn't find any spare O-rings. . I don't know if I still have the original packaging, but I'm in the process of downsizing, so there are lots of things that found their way into boxes where they don't belong. If I do find the original packaging, the clip and spare O-rings will be included. I'll post an update as soon as I finish looking through my boxes. This will take a day or two. Cultivate patience.

This light's specifications are well known, so I won't repeat them here. If you're new to this addiction, there are plenty of threads discussing this light online. Price includes shipping via Priority Mail in the U.S.; international shipping costs will depend on the destination. (Comrades in Russia are out of luck on this one...U.S. laws prohibit private sales as of the date of posting.)

Forum rules apply: First "I'll take it" gets the light. PayPal only. Thanks for considering adopting this little gem.
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