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Jan 10, 2017
Hello everyone...today we will see the Armytek Prime C2 Pro Max: new flagship of Armytek's Prime series. Equipped with the powerful Cree XHP70.2 HD which delivers 4000 lumens and a large 21700 battery for long life, the flashlight was provided to me directly by Flashlightgo.com specifically for the review. On to the following link you can buy it



Packaging and contents

The Armytek Prime C2 Pro Max Magnet USB arrives in a black cardboard box with some of its main features written on it.
Inside the package we find:

  • Armytek Prime C2 Pro Max flashlight
  • 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery
  • Magnetic charger
  • Lanyard
  • Holster
  • Adapter for 18650 batteries
  • 2x replacement o-rings
  • Multilingual user manual

Main features
  • Color temperature: white
  • Optics: smooth reflector
  • Beam distance, meters: 260 m/257 m (hot)
  • Type of brightness stabilization: Full (constant light)
  • Hotspot:Spill: 12°:72°
  • Number of modes: 6 default simple operations / 10 advanced operations
  • Autonomy in maximum mode: 3 hours 4 min (900 lm after 2 min),3 hours 4 min (840 lm after 2 min)(Warm)
  • Autonomy in minimum mode: 64 d
  • Head diameter: 41 mm
  • Body diameter: 25.4mm
  • Length: 133 mm
  • Weight (without battery): 133 g
  • Material: aeronautical aluminium
  • Anti-abrasive finish: Type III 400HV premium hard anodizing
  • Waterproof and dustproof standard: IP68
  • Safe diving depth: 10 m
  • Safe fall height: 10 m
  • Operating temperatures: -25..+40 °C
  • Electronics
  • Battery compatibility: 1x21700 Li-Ion, 1x18650 Li-Ion (with battery adapter)

The body and materials
The Armytek Prime C2 Pro Max is a compact and powerful flashlight equipped with the well-tested and powerful XHP70.2 HD LED capable of delivering 4000 lumens. The dimensions are extremely small considering the type of LED it mounts and considering that it is a flashlight in the 21700 format.

Like all Armytek flashlights, the rough anodization allows for a good grip even without knurling.
The black Bezel is prominent and protects the lens well from possible impacts. It has a slight crenellation, just enough to be able to see if the light is on while standing on your head.



The cooling fins near the switch are deep and thick, and in addition to helping with heat dissipation they also ensure excellent grip near the head.


There is no belt clip but it is possible to use a wrist strap by attaching it to a small hole in the tailcap. The latter has flat sides to prevent the flashlight from rolling off on a flat surface.

The torch comes with a nice nylon holster with velcro closure. It features a metal D-ring and a button loop compatible with the MOLLE system.

The contacts on the tailcap allow you to charge the battery inside the flashlight. An excellent system to make it more resistant to water and dirt than a USB port, but as we know it requires the appropriate magnetic charger which also acts as a charging base.



To charge, you need to slightly loosen the tailcap, bring the charger closer to the contacts and the powerful neodymium magnet will do the rest.
There are small status LEDs on the charger that inform the user about the progress:

  • Green LED: standby/charging finished
  • Flashing red LED: Loosen the tail cap
  • Flashing orange LED: input voltage too low or dirty contacts
  • Red LED: charging (1A)
  • Orange LED: charging with reduced current (0.5 A)

Charging only starts when the battery voltage is below 4 V. The flashlight cannot be used while charging.

The tailcap is also useful for holding the flashlight in a horizontal position on a metal surface and allowing hands-free use.


Two o-rings in the tailcap protect the flashlight from water. This torch model is guaranteed according to the IPX8 standard, submersible for five hours at ten meters deep. The impact resistance however is 10 m.


The head is glued and cannot be removed. At both the positive and negative poles there are two thick golden springs.


The supplied 21700 5000mAh battery is flat with the positive pole slightly recessed. With some chargers this cell cannot be charged unless using a small magnet as an extension of the positive contact.





The Prime C2 Po Max is comfortable in the hand, the switch is large and easy to locate and activate




User Interface
The management of the interface is guaranteed by the single switch on the torch. It is possible to choose between two user interfaces. In the "general user interface" some layers and features such as strobe are omitted.

General User Interface:

  • With the flashlight off: 1 click to activate the last used mode
  • With the torch off: Hold the switch to scroll through the various levels
  • With flashlight on: single click to turn off the light
  • With the flashlight on: double click to access the Turbo (last used in the advanced user interface) or return to the previous level
  • With the torch on: Press and hold the switch to scroll through the various levels

Advanced User Interface:

  • With the flashlight off: 1 click to activate the last used mode
  • With the torch off: 2 clicks to activate the Main output group
  • With the torch off: 3 clicks to activate the Turbo group
  • With the torch off: 4 clicks to activate the STrobo group
  • With the torch off: keep the switch pressed to scroll through the various levels
  • With flashlight on: single click to turn off the light
  • From torch on: double click to go from Firefly to the Main group
  • From torch on: triple click to go to the Turbo group
  • From the torch on: four clicks to go to the Strobe group
  • With the torch on: keep the switch pressed to scroll through the various levels of the selected group

Status LED on switch
The switch includes a backlight that shows the approximate charging status when the flashlight is turned on.

  • When the voltage is > 3.4V the LED will be flashing green (every four seconds)
  • When the voltage is 2.7 – 3.4V the status LED will be flashing yellow/orange/red (every four seconds)

When the temperature rises due to high power, the switch indicates the temperature.

  • 3 orange flashes (every two seconds) Attention, the torch gets hot
  • 3 red flashes (every second) Too hot, power will be reduced

You can configure the switch's backlight to flash every five seconds even when the flashlight is turned off. To change the setting, unscrew the tailcap slightly, hold the button, tighten and loosen the tailcap, then release the button.

The output levels are spaced as follows:

  • Turbo2 - 4000 lm / 900 lm - 2 minutes + 3 hours 2 minutes - 8.50 Ampere
  • Turbo1 - 1300 lm / 900 lm - 37 minutes + 2 hours and 23 minutes - 2.05 A
  • Main 3 - 450 ml - 6 hours and 25 minutes - 0.68 A
  • Main 2 - 150 ml – 21 hours - 0.26 A
  • Main 3 - 45 ml - 64 hours - 0.12 A
  • Firefly 2 - 7 ml - 10 d - 0.02 A
  • Firefly 1 - 0.4 ml - 64 d - 0.01 A
  • Off - 14 µA

Below are the runtime graphs for the Turbo 2 / Turbo 1 / Main3 levels




Beam, tint and beamshot
The Armytek Prime C2 Pro Max features an XHP70.2. We are usually used to seeing this type of LED accompanied by an Orange Peel lens which attenuates the artifacts. In this case we find a smooth reflector that generates a beam with a light concentrated in a narrow point, surrounded by a rather bright crown and an amble and diffused pin that can be used to see well in the immediate vicinity when the torch is held in a parallel position with respect to the ground. The beam, despite the presence of a very bright spot, is still quite widespread, ideal for illuminating large areas well over medium and long distances.
In the central part of the beam there is a small less bright spot. The tint has a slight color shift between the crown and the pin. Furthermore, by shining the light on a white wall, a slight change to purple is also visible at the end of the spill and in the central part of the beam but absolutely not visible during normal use of the torch.

Followed by some shots in the dark using the Turbo flashlight

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #1

Final Considerations

  • Robust and powerful flashlight.
  • Simple, intuitive and complete interface
  • Good adjustment
  • Complete package with everything needed for immediate use


  • Slight color changes, perhaps it would have been better to use an OP reflector
  • Fast charging but not very fast. Proprietary charging cable

Thanks for reading!!! XD