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Jan 10, 2017
Hello everyone… today we will see the Fenix E03R: new FULL METAL keychain flashlight from Fenix. The flashlight was sent to me specifically for review. Here you can find the page of the E03R





Packaging and Contents
The Fenix E03R arrives in a small blister pack. On the back there are all the main features and specifications of the product. The package includes:
• Fenix E03R
• Key ring
• Warranty Card
• Multilingual User Manual






Here you can download the multilingual user manual.

Main Features
• MATCH CA18 white light LED and Everlight 2835 red light LED, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
• 260 Lumens Max White Light Output
• Red and White Light Sources
• Ultra Compact
• USB Type-C Charging port
• All-metal CNC machining light body
Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Aluminum A6061-T6 Body
• Outputs (Runtimes)
- High - 260 Lumens (45 Minutes)
- Med - 80 Lumens (1hr 15Min)
- Low - 30 Lumens (3hr)
- Eco - 5 Lumens(18hr)
- Red - 4 Lumens (5hr 30 min)
• 1 meter impact resistance
• IP66 Water Resistance Rating
• Single switch operation
• Recessed Switch to avoid accidental activation
Intelligent overheat protection against high surface temperature.
• Lockout Function
• Built-in 200mAh Li-polymer Battery (Charged Via USB Type-C Port)
• Indication and low-voltage warning.
• Size: 1.85" x 0.94" x 0.47" / 47 x 24 x 12 mm.
• Weight: 0.78 oz / 22 g

Levels of Output and Runtime
The Fenix E03R has 4 normal output levels for the white LED + 1 normal level and 1 special level for the auxiliary Red LED.

• High: 260 lm declared(measured 280lm) – 45min
• Med: 80 lm declared(measured 75 lm) – 1h15min
• Low: 30 lm declared(measured 35 lm) – 3h
• Eco: 5 lm declared(measured 5 lm) – 18h
• Auxiliary Red Light: 4 lm declared[color=#FF4000) [/color] – 5h30min
• Auxiliary Red Flash Light: 4 lm declared[color=#FF4000) [/color] – n.d.

The measured data are to be considered peak (taken within 30 seconds of switching on and with the battery fully charged) and all proved to be consistent with what was declared by the manufacturer.
Below are the runtime diagrams taken from the user manual.
Having made some counter-tests with luxmeter and lightbox, I can confirm the consistency of the discharge curves present in the manual compared to the real case.


The body and the materials
The Fenix E03R is a very small and very light keychain flashlight, equipped with a non-removable 200mAh internal battery and capable of delivering, at its maximum intensity, 260 lumens with a shot of about 40 meters.






The materials are of quality, all the flashlight is made of metal. In the hand it offers a beautiful feeling of strength and the weight is only 22 grams !!!
Although the size is easy to grip, the switch is placed in a good position to be easily accessible and identifiable even in total darkness.






The optical part is composed of two LEDs: MATCH CA18 white light LED and Everlight 2835 Red light LED.







The lens is a double TIR for a wide and well spread flood beam.







The internal battery is rechargeable by means of a simple micro USB typeC cable (not included in the package). The charging interface is positioned on the side of the flashlight, and is well protected by a small rubber cap.
A full charge takes about 1 hour, but it also depends on the charger used.



The switch is well made, also in metal and equipped with a small status LED that provides information on the progress of the battery charge. It is slightly recessed with respect to the body of the flashlight: this reduces the risk of accidental switching on when, for example, you keep the flashlight in your pocket or inside a bag.
The lockout function is also available which electronically locks the interface with a simple double click of the switch.







The E03R is water resistant according to the IP66 standard, so it can be used without delay even in the rain.
The user interface is very simple and summarized below:


- Keep the switch pressed for 0.5 seconds to turn on the main LED (White)
- Keep the switch pressed for 1.2 seconds to turn on the auxiliary LED (RED)

Brightness level selection
- White Light: click on the switch to cycle the output levels as follows: Low - Med - High
- Red Light: click on the switch to cycle the output levels as follows: Red - Red Flash

- With the torch off, double click on the switch to electronically lock the interface: the light will flash twice in Low mode to indicate the lock status.
- With the flashlight locked, a double click on the switch will unlock the interface: the light will be activated on entering the Low level.
- When the torch is locked, for each click on the switch the torch will emit two flashes on the Low level to indicate that the lock status is active.

Battery Level Indication
With the flashlight off and unlocked, a click on the switch allows you to know the status of the battery by turning on the status LED located in the center of the switch:
- Constant Green Light: charge between 100% and 70%
- Flashing Green Light: charge between 70% and 40%
- Constant Red Light: charge between 40% and 10%
- Flashing Red Light: charge between 10% and 1%
In addition, the battery status will also be shown for each ignition of the flashlight.

Low Voltage Warning
When the cell voltage level drops below a preset threshold level, the torch is programmed to go to a lower brightness level until the charge is depleted.

Intelligent protection
When the torch is used on the High level it could accumulate a lot of heat. To lower the temperature, the flashlight will dim the brightness down to a lower output level.

To follow some mid-distance night shots ...

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4

Beamshot #5

Beamshot #6

Beamshot #7

Beamshot #8

Final judgement
Very small and very light, the Fenix ​​E03R can be taken really anywhere. You forget you have it in your pocket !!
The power is not lacking, 260 lumens at the High level may seem low but in reality they are more than enough for most daily needs.

Convenient the auxiliary Red LED with 4 lumen output which can act as a signal in emergency situations (Red Flash) and which can be useful for not tiring the eyes, for example for reading in total darkness (e.g. reading the maps during night excursions).

For the main white LED there is also an ECO level of 5 lumens for a runtime of 18 hours.

The E03R is impeccably built with a body made entirely of metal. Solid and compact, it is ideal to be attached to a bunch of keys or as a backup flashlight connected for example to the zipper of a backpack that is always ready for use.

Well done switch, recessed to avoid accidental switching on, finely worked to offer an excellent grip and with a status LED inside to indicate the charge status of the cell.

Also good is the presence of the TypeC port, which allows you to charge the torch battery using the cables of the new smartphones.
Definitely a product to recommend.

Thanks for reading!!! XD
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