Dec 3, 2012

The Nitecore NU05 LE was sent to me directly by Nitecore for review.
For the product description:
For the purchase:

The Nitecore NU05 LE is a small multicolored LED signaling and safety light. NU05 LE is equipped with a light bracket with a tear-off support that allows for easy attachment to adaptable surfaces. The bracket has convenient flat hooks that can be fixed through strings, ropes, a paracord etc.
The Nitecore NU05 LE has a battery, 120 mAh, integrated and is rechargeable via the Micro-USB socket, which allows up to 18 hours of battery life. It has 4 LEDs, red, green, blue and white. Each LED can be activated to flash independently and in addition to this it is possible to activate a particular flash, alternating red and blue, colors used by the American police forces. The Nitecore NU05 LE is dustproof and waterproof with IP66 protection degree and is indicated mainly for outdoor activities and law enforcement personnel, it can be worn on the head (front or rear), around the wrist, on the belt of the trousers, attached to a suit or backpack, by bicycle, etc. Surely for those who move in the evening or in the dark is of great interest used to signal our presence or that of our dear dogs.

Main features:

LED: 4 high-performance LEDs (red, green, blue and white) with 5 different color settings
Supported battery: Built-in 3.7 V - 120 mAh lithium ion battery with 18 hours autonomy
Mode: 5 - Red blinking, Green blinking, Blue blinking, White blinking and Red / blue blinking
Lightweight bracket included with velcro support
Indicator of remaining battery life
Simple design with single switch operated with one hand
Red flashing: 12 lumens / 15 hours
Green flashing: 17 lumens / 15 hours
Blue flashing: 2 Lumen / 15 hours
White flashing: 20 Lumen / 18 hours
Red / blue warning flash: 18 hours
IP protection degree: IP-66 water resistant
Impact resistance: 1 m
Dimensions and weight:
With bracket: 67.33mm × 34mm × 25.9mm (2.65 "× 1.34" × 1.02 ")
Height - 29.5 mm (1.16 ")
Width - 30.3 mm (1.19 ")
Length - 16.3 mm (0.64 ")
Weight without bracket: 10.5g (0.37oz)
Weight with bracket: 22g (0.78oz)
Included in the package:
Micro USB cable
Instruction manual
Warranty certificate

The packaging:

The Nitecore NU05 LE is sold in a cardboard box in the classic yellow / black colors of Nitecore.
On the front and back we find the main features that distinguish it.

Inside the package we find:

Nitecore NU05
Micro-USB cable
Warranty certificate
Multilingual manual

The Manual:

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Together with the Nitecore NU05:

The Nitecore NU05 LE incorporates the lines of the previous NU05 but with different LEDs and UI. It has IP66 certification and is made of PC (polycarbonate), a durable and robust plastic material. It is light weighing only 22 grams inserted in its support. It has a square shape and is semi-transparent with a single rubber button for managing the user interface. The writing NITECORE is printed on the front in the translucent part, while the model of the torch with the certifications and the type of rechargeable battery is printed on the back.
The internal battery supplied with the Nitecore Nu05 LE is a 120 mAh Li-ion battery which brings a maximum autonomy of 18 hours.

On the back of the small NU05 LE we find a practical and functional anchor clip which, thanks to 4 small teeth of different height, facilitates and stabilizes the grip. With this system the NUO5 LE can be easily attached to the standard MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system of an armor or a backpack.

The support in the package where it is possible to insert the Nitecore NU05 LE is in black rigid plastic. The Nitecore NU05 LE must be inserted in the right direction and a click will indicate that it is well inserted and is locked in its seat. This light bracket is equipped with hooks and in the back of Velcro. These two systems ensure a secure, shock-proof, fixing to a helmet as well as to all the adaptable surfaces (tactical backpack, belts, paracord etc.).

Operation and user interface:

The Nitecore NU05 LE can be used with one hand using the single button interface. You can choose between 5 different flashes including:

- Red flashing: 12 lumens / 15 hours

- Green flashing: 17 lumens / 15 hours

- Blue flashing: 2 Lumen / 15 hours

- White flashing: 20 Lumen / 18 hours

- Red/Blue warning flashing: 18 hours (flashing alternates between red and blue).

Operating Instructions (from the manual)

On / Off
On: When the light is off, long press the Power Button for over 1 second to turn it on.
Off: When the light is on, long press the Power Button to turn it off.
Mode Switching
NU05 LE is available with 4 colors of flashing and Red/Blue Police Warning Flashing
When the light is off, keep holding the Power Button for over 5 seconds after turning on the light to cycle through Flashing - Red/Blue Police Warning Flashing - Standby".
Release to select the current mode.
(NU05 LE has mode memory. When reactivated, the light will automatically access the previous memorized mode.)
Power Indication
When the light is off, short press the Power Button and the power indicator will flash to indicate the remaining power of the battery:
1. Flashing three times indicates that the power is above 50%;
2. Flashing twice indicates that the power is below 50%;
3. Flashing once indicates that the power is below 10% and near depletion.

Charging Function
NU05 LE is equipped with an intelligent charging system. Please charge the battery before the first use.
Connecting to the External Power: uncap the charging port and use the USB cable to connect an external power supply (e.g. a USB adapter, a computer or other USB charging device) to the Micro-
USB port to begin the charging process.
Charge indicator: When charging, the integrated charge indicator will remain lit steadily emitting a red light. When fully charged, the indicator will flash green.
The charging time is approx. 1.5h. The standby time is up to 12 months if the battery has been fully charged.

VIDEO (Unboxing):


The Nitecore NU05 LE is a small essential signaling light when we are moving in the evening or at night in complete darkness. Nitecore NU05 LE is equipped with 4 different colored LEDs with the possibility of 5 different signal types. It is also equipped with clips and a bracket with hooks and Velcro that greatly increases the possibility of portability. The Nitecore NU05 is rechargeable, using the supplied cable, connecting it to a USB socket. Its operation is very simple using only the central rubber switch. It has a residual charge indicator and is IP66 certified with impact resistance up to 1 meter.
In all my outings in the dark I wear a Nitecore NU05, and so I'm happy to add the new NU05 LE as equipment, which greatly increases the possibility of intermittent signaling for greater safety.