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For Sale - Flashlight Sc700d, W2 DT8, 219b i3T 2, MDC CR123 4000k head


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Sep 13, 2023


Hey hey! Getting rid of some goodies to help fund the addiction. Will also trade for older MDC bodies, E2XT head, uncommon Zebras, and LEPs. Can also take more pics or videos if requested. Prices are shipped. PPFF preferred.

140 USD - SC700d [XHP 70.2] This is an earlier production unit with a greenish hue to the anodization. Comes with a black zebralight clip as well. Not a single blemish. 10/10.

60 USD - DT8 Cyan/ red button. [Osram W2] Comes with black clip, magnet, 18350 tube + 18350 battery, lanyard, and o-rings. Carried a bit but not abused. Has snails and the tailcap is scuffed a little from sticking to surfaces. 7/10.

50 USD - Malkoff MDC HA 1CR123 [SST20 4000k] This is just the head. Has 2 scratches on the lens but does not affect the beam. 8/10.

40 USD - i3T 2 Dragon and Pheonix. [SW30] This one was modded by Mcbob. Beautiful tint from the hand-selected emitter, and not a scratch on it. 10/10.

Thanks for looking!

Also posted on reddit, in case it looks familiar to some.

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