Shingbeam Romisen Rc-2B4 Cree P4 LED


Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 16, 2001
St. Pete, Fl.
Wanted a AAA light and picked one of these up from his site. Right around $18 total w/ CPF discount.
I like it. A lshorte than the old incam mini mag and smaller diameter. Nice forward clicky. Comparing it to my Fenix P2D Q5, light is inbetween the med and high setting when white walling it indoors.
But outdoors in real world conditions it appears comparable to high setting to the naked eye.
Hotspot is pretty tight (good throw) and a really big spill that lights up a large area. I think this is the reason it seems to compare to the high setting outdoors, because you can see a larger surrounding area illuminated.

But my light had some issues, kept flickering or low output when turned on.
Had to give the old "hand whack to get it to light up full power.

I emailed Bryan and he gave me some suggestions on minor fixes, along with the offer to exchange or refund should I desire to return it.
Currently working out an exchange as the fixes made the problems occur very intermittenly, but still occur.
He said it sounds like a contact issue in the light.

Overall very happy with the CS and looking forward to the replacement. Definately a good backup or primary if the form factor suits your needs.
Almost forgot to mention, crenelated bezel too.
I will definately buy from him again.

You can see the light by going to and clicking on the AAA catagory.