Show Us Your Steak! | Men's Mental Health Awareness Challenge.

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Jun 8, 2008
New England woods.
Show Us Your Steak! | Men's Mental Health Awareness Challenge is something which is being done via YouTube outdoors/survival creators tagging each to enhance awareness of men's mental health issue. Yes we are all strong self reliant people but no one is invincible. I participated to discuss a friend who is a combat veteran from the Iraq war dealing with PTSD.

So here is my steak.


I am going to cook it in bacon grease.


Not exactly Bushcrafty but as am cooking with a Ti fry pan why not.


The bacon.


The steak.


All done.


If you're a Youtube creator consider yourself tagged. :D


Dec 23, 2008
Penn's Woods
I'm a day late and a dollar short... We picked up a pig from the butcher on Monday that we split with two friends, first thing we had was bacon! Last night was ribeyes on the grill from a quarter cow that we bought over the summer from a local farmer. Had I seen this thread, I'd have taken pictures! As soon as we run out of turkey after tomorrow, I'll fire one up and post... 👍👍👍


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Oct 5, 2006
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I get prime New Yorks or porterhouse steaks, and I like them broiled or frying then in a cast iron skillet I have propane and charcoal grills and honestly don't like grilling but, that is just me. And when I go to someone's home and see the filthy grill...we leave early to eat at someplace on the way home. I do like the cast iron, and my wife, being a Latina, they automatically come with a cast iron skillet when you marry them!

Can you explain cooking in the bacon grease? It sounds wonderful, and how does it make for a better tasting steak?

I really like your posts, they are very educational to a city boy like me. Also, how do you cook your steaks at home? I would love to try the grilling more, however it seems you just burn and dry out a steak but the pan keeps it in it's natural juice and flavor.

Hope your friend is doing OK, I come from a military family, both sides. I have been an embed with Recon Marines, as part of my work a few years back, and It was an privilege for me. Vietnam took the best of our family away from us. Never got over it.

Thank you,

All the best,

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Aug 27, 2018
At typical barbecue temperatures, anything "dirty" on the grill is going to be rendered biologically inert (short of mad-cow disease). Of course you want to clean the part that will touch the steak.

Health wise, it is not the stuff that is stuck to the grill that is the issue, it's the stuff getting vaporized when it hits the rocks, coals, searing grates.

Grills are easy for steaks, you just have to start with thicker steaks. You always start at high temp and quickly sear the outsides for 3-4 minutes a side. That helps to lock in the juices ... realistically juices in your pan don't get back into the steak and any moisture is vaporized once it hits the hot pan. I do it both ways .... BBQ for thicker, pan for thinner.