SK6812 Washed out Blue colour help and/or alternative strip?


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Jul 30, 2021

On my setup I have some SK6812 strip x 1m 144LED/M. I notice when turning the strips to solid blue, they appear washed out? On closer inspection I notice the phosphor on the white LED's are being partially lit by the blue LED's. Is that what is causing the blue overall colour to be washed out? If not then what is it?? Do I simply need a quality controller? I am using an sp108e wifi controller and have also tried a magic home LED app2 controller.

If the white LED phosphur being lit is the problem, then is there an alternative strip that has RGBW that does nice deep blues (kind of like a royal blue), as I want a strip that is high quality and will do all colours with plenty of vibrance. My ws2812b strips also don't really do blues as well as I like, but both the sk6812 and WS2812b strips do greens and reds quite nicely.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.



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Nov 3, 2009
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Just trying to understand what it is you have. Looks like a very dense strip. Sounds like RGB and W, interleaved 1:1?

If blue is spilling over to white LEDs I can see how its phosphor gets activated to some degree, as the underlying LED in white LED is blue. Not necessarily the same wavelength but close enough. Spillover may be unavoidable due to the optical angle of the RGB LEDs and their proximity due to strip design.

BTW even near UV will light up white LED phosphor, though not super-bright.

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