SOG Q2 Mini Review


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Aug 27, 2004
Greeting all,

Before I start I do not have the means to post pictures. I do not store photos on line. If you want to see the product go to SOGs website. That being said here is my impressions.

The concept is awesome, instead of folding back on itself it locks into a cylinder. The Q2 is basically the same size as a Sharpie Pen. It has a rather modest sized blade and there is a small bottle opener on the grey end. The flashlight on the black end is powered by a AAA battery. It is rated at 75 lumens and it has a nice floody beam with a hint of a hotspot. The tint is what I would describe as Cree green. Not cat urine green for us old timers.

Now the bad. The black anodizing is rather weak. It came with a small chunk missing and I am confident it will look like hell if carried in a pocket with keys and/or coins. The baton is slightly askew at the hinge. It wasn't bent during packaging as far as I can tell as all the parts seat well together. It's just one hinge is ever so slightly off set from the other.

In conclusion I really like the concept. SOG has 4 variants and they are an exciting new take in the multitool form factor IMHO. They easily fit well in Molle straps and are secured by a pocket clip. If you work in an environment like mine where they frown upon knives this is perfect, it looks like a pen. If SOG can tighten up on the quality control and upgrade the anodizing this would be a perfect tool. I shall keep mine.

Thanks for sharing


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