SOG Terminus XR Mini-revoew


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Aug 27, 2004
SOG Terminus XR Mini-review

This is a really nice knife! Fit and finish are flawless. The blade is made of S35VN steel and is perfectly centered. The handle material is really interesting. It has very small grooves scored into it and feels slick when you pick it up. The more pressure you apply to the handles the stickier it gets. It comes with a deep pocket carry clip. There is a gentle bulge on the handle on the pocket clip end making it easier to take it out of a pocket when clipped into place. The handle ergonomics is good allowing for secure forward and reverse grips. The knife has full length steel liners that give it a very reassuring heft. It is a really well thought out design!

SOG is selling this little beauty for $89. They recently had a sale selling this knife for $71. The price point IMHO is outstanding for this quality of a blade. It is a perfect EDC in that you would be proud to show it off yet if lost or stolen the replacement cost wouldn't kill your wallet.

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