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Sold/Expired **SOLD**: Luce de Notte - 11mm Green / Aluminum


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Aug 26, 2007
Luce de Notte by PhotonFanatic - **SOLD!!** $145 Shipped USPS Priority with DC (add $5 for PayPal)

This is a small Luce in Aluminum with an 11mm green H3/Trit sphere. For those not familiar, the Luce de Notte is a "glow light" powered solely by a tritium sphere. It has a reflector on one end with an embedded trit sphere to push light in a generally focused direction. This example has a dome on the other end, and is built such that the dome also glows as a form of "locator beacon" to be able to find it at night (the rear of the reflector is open and "lights" the dome).

For those who have not handled one - the light output is
very low! Do not expect a "flashlight" - expect an ultra-cool "glowing orb" type piece of artwork. I have used it to negotiate my way thru the house in total darkness with light-adjusted eyes, but to be sure it's an ultra low-lumen device. But I will say that I have held few cooler things in my hands. It is really a fun/interesting object, and Fred (PhotonFanatic) does beautiful work.

It's in very nice condition, with some very light swirl marks on the lower ring/face surface from doing what it's supposed to do - nightstand duty! I was not able to capture the swirls in a photo if that gives you any indication of their "severity." It sounds like there will not be another run of these, so here's a chance to get one of your own.

Trades (cash either way as appropriate) considered, some items I'm be interested in: Aleph P7 light engine, Aleph parts (Ti stuff, black CR2 flared body, black trim TC), Strider SnG, CR Sebenza/Umnumzaan

Price above includes shipping to the lower 48 (US) via USPS Priority w/Delivery Confirmation. PM for payment details. Payment via USPS Money Order or PayPal - please add $5 to help cover PayPal fees. International/Overseas buyers please inquire (via PM) for shipping cost/details.





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Mar 8, 2007
Austin, Texas
This is really something! If anyone finds another one for sale they are really neat.

Also, Ducaticorse is great to deal with.

Thanks Again,

Rick :twothumbs