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Sold/Expired SPF****THREE Incan A2 Aviators- SUNDAY ONLY BUNDLE- $225


Aug 31, 2010
South GA/ North FL
All users- no packaging but just a few dings in the finish. NOT A TON of sales data recently. So these are priced at about what I paid on average over the last few years (updated because i did bad math here lol.) Not what I told my wife I paid.

One is a four Flats Red LED- main bulb is dead but I have a NEW IN PACKAGE MA-02 to go with it if needed. If not, (you have a tads or LF set-up, etc, PM me and we'll talk because I know someone will buy the bulb!)

The other two are round body- one red and one green.
SUNDAY ONLY- $225 for the lot!!! SPF*******

$260 for the whole package including unopened bulb and shipping CONUS.

Or $95 each.

May be open to offers and partial trades- incan users and Surefires as well as knives but nothing specific- mostly want cash for some expenses!

Took a photo with dying batteries so it wouldn't be too bright- but didn't want to leave the main bulbs on for long enough to photo- all good though except the 4flats as noted above.

I love these things but need to thin out the lights that I don't use or need as backup….

Thanks all!


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Jul 18, 2006
[-Mad in Germany-]
The four-flats A2 is on the left is HA natural and not a HA-BK. The one on the right is HA natural as well. Since I am not aware of a round bodied black A2 (or not anymore since my memory might be clouded) and judging from the lanyard ring I´ll say all three of them are HA natural.
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