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Spring cleaning sale (moved/consolidated)


Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 16, 2020
Please see consolidated listing here.

All prices are PayPal F&F (or add 3.5% for G&S), including insured shipping to the US only (I have over 50 swaps on Knife_Swap). All lights do not have batteries included (unless otherwise stated), however I might have a few spares if can throw in if requested and available. No trades at this time. Thanks for looking! Discounts for multiples purchased, please message me.

Surefire Stiletto
$100 $95 $90 $85
Mint condition, lightly carried and ran for less than 30 minutes

Sunwayman V11R
$130 $120 $110 $100 $90
Light wear, comes with the AA extension and sheath

Fenix PD40R
Good condition with a few scuffs here and there. Previous owner modded it to take unprotected cells by soldering a post on the positive end. Super bright and solid.


Zanflare flashlights; $5 each with any purchase

Sold items below

SkyLumen LEP
Mint condition, bought from Vinh during his early group buys. Single mode and comes with the 26650 battery and Vinh's 2 year warranty (good until September 2022)


Surefire 6P
Some minor wear; stock un-bored body with a fatty hepta tail (likely made by FiveMega) with a McClicky switch. Comes with a Lumens Factory single mode drop in.


Surefire G2
Mint condition, completely stock and still has the incan bulb


Peak El Capitan
Stainless steel, no QTC pill, only on/off; pocket type body; looks to be neutral white (?) with narrow optic


Peak Eiger
Aluminum body with stainless head. Custom ordered with Nichia 219b 5000K; comes with momentary switch, titanium clip, and 10400 battery


Convoy Copper S2+
Like new, comes with a titanium Prometheus clip


Emisar DT8
With neutral XPL Hi 5000K emitters; blue lighted button, blue aux lights; light wear on body


Nightwatch Stalker NI40
Looks to be an SBT90, hot rod of a light with great cooling and output

Acebeam Rider RX
Like new, carried and fidgeted some


Olight Warrior X Pro
$70 $65
Light wear, also acquired as part of a package; battery included


Brass $30
Lights but not fully functional; could be due to the mix of emitters. It powers on but button presses do not change modes as expected and does not turn off unless tailcap is loosened. Blue aux and button lights; 4x SST20 4000k and 3x XPL Hi 5000k


Lumintop Antman LEP
$110 $100 $95
Mint, very little use, mostly used to compare with other LEPs; great pocket laser

Lumintop X9L
$100 $90 $85
Awesome thrower with the SBT 90 emitter; light wear


Olight M2R Pro
$70 $65 $60
Like new condition, got it as part of a package deal; battery included


Copper $60 $55 $50
Some wear on the clear coat, yellow button and aux lights. SST20 4000k. Appears one of the lights in the button does not light. Otherwise works fine on Anduril 1


Fireflies E07
Ti/Cu $70 $65 $60
Also light clear coat wear, red button and aux lights; all lights appear to function, Anduril 1, SST20 4000k


Convoy 4x18Avn
$100 $90 $85 Sold
Light wear, SBT90 emitter, hot rod thrower modified by Vinh, VN2 driver with 5000+ lumens and 340Klux

Malkoff Bodyguard V2
$160 $150 $140 $120
Mint with 16340 body

Malkoff MDC SHO
$100 $90 $85
Some dings on the head and tail, also 16340 body

Malkoff MD2
Near new condition. Comes with tri-cap tail, M61 drop in.

Eagtac G25C2
$30 Sold
Comes with extension tube and sheath.

Lumintop LM10
$105 $95 $90 $85 Sold
Mint condition with the upgraded milled clip

Manker MK34vn
$150 $140 $130 $100 $80 Sold
Modified with 219c emitters. Switch is a bit hard to press, but works nonetheless

Foursevens Headlights
$30 Sold
Set of two headlights with mount and headband. Used and shows wear. Mount has cracks in it; repaired and fully functional. Atom AL has pits on the lens as I used it on my welding helmet and got too close to the spark. MLR2 comes with O-rings to be used with mount and two CR2 rechargeable batteries.
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Aug 1, 2017
Lumintop Ant Man received. It was shipped quick and looks brand new. Thanks again


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 28, 2007
Got them. Thanks for the great deal. Love the ramping driver on the mk34 👍👍🏻👍🏻