SureFire 6P MC2ES


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Aug 14, 2008
Los Angeles County CA
After reading about the MC2ES tailcap its a nice mod, pretty neat IMO. It seems very straight forward to put together. I've already read the guide but I have just a few questions before I start:

1. Is this the correct parts kit for a 6P:
A.Assembled 2-Stage Switch For Surefire Classic series
B. Classic Contact PCB - Surefire
C. O-ring for Classic switch

2. The thing that is holding me back on this is the widening of the plastic retaining ring. If I do make a mistake and widen it to much, is there a way to purchase a replacement part or would I need to purchase the whole tail cap assembly? I already got the ring stuck while attempting to put the whole switch back together, so I have this feeling something might go wrong.
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Justin Case

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Mar 19, 2008
I think you need only A, which is a complete McC2S 2-stage switch for the C-series (Classic, which includes the 6P) SureFires. B is if you want to convert a McE2S into a McC2S. I think that C is the other o-ring under the PCB.

Open up the retaining ring incrementally and test the switch for fit each time. Go slow. Measure twice, cut once.

If you open up the retaining ring too much, I don't think that function really suffers. The ring should still seal the tailcap by pressing against the rubber button. If you make the hole too big, what happens is that the ring can't hold onto the McC2S switch so that when you unscrew the tailcap, the switch falls out. You are supposed to open up the retaining ring just enough so that the switch can be pushed through the hole and the o-ring holds the switch in place.