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For Sale - Flashlight Parts Surefire-lights & Extras


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 20, 2007
Clearing my Surefire items! Lights, batteries, filters, lanyards..etc
"I'll take these" posted here will hold it.
PM or email questions or offers.
If you need better pics, just ask and I can email them to you.
Prices are shipped, discount for multiples, etc….

1) Surefire FM63 IR Filter - $75
2) Surefire F03 IR Filter - $30
3) Surefire Red pop up filter $16 (spf)
4) 3x18650 Surefire Batteries…..$40
5) Surefire SC2 carrier with Lanyard - $25 (spf)
6) Sidekick - used very little. Great light, apparently now a collectors item! $36 (spf)
7) (spf) Surefire E2L Outdoorsman body, Lumens factory tail cap and switch, Head may be Lumens factory also but I am not sure. ( got light in a trade) Head is dented and has some damage, however light works! $55 I will also throw in a P60 incandescent module with this light. What a beautiful tint!
8) 2 x Surefire Lanyards - $15 (spf)
May be selling my Dominator….not sure yet…

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