T1 LED Flashlight by ThruNite

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Oct 9, 2019
Hello once again flashlight fanatics!

Anyone here ever heard of the online store known as ThruNite?

Anyway.....while looking at a video on an entirely different subject (not flashlights) I noticed that the individual was using a small LED flashlight. From what I saw the flashlight gave out a very bright clear light beam and I was taken aback by it's small compact size, etc. It also has the cool feature where the bottom of the tail cap flashlight was magnetic and what appeared to be strong even to attach to just about any metal surface without falling.

Those couple of features were enough for me to make a purchase of that specific model LED flashlight. I placed an order on June 29th (last Thursday) and well it was delivered this past Saturday July 1st.....excellent shipping! (y)

It is the ThruNite T1 as pictured below.
Thrunite T1 flashlight.jpeg

Here is their website: https://thrunite.com/t1-black/

Anyone here on the forum heard or know about them?

If so then post your thoughts, reviews, opinions, etc.
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