The reason we carry big lights


Apr 19, 2009
Cambridge, MA & Malaysia
Earlier tonight, I was doing live sound reinforcement for a small acappella concert - and as usual, I brought all my gadgets with me, including my flashlights.

I mounted a Quark 123^2 with Prism diffuser on low above the sound board so that I could see when the lights were turned off.

Then, halfway through the concert, the fire alarm suddenly went off! So everyone had to vacate the building, and the decision was made to continue the concert outdoors.

Now, obviously it was dark, so, I decided to whip out my EDC backpack light - the Mag2D w/ CL1909 bulb, producing 1500 OTF gorgeous incandescent lumens! Heres the good part - I use an SMO reflector to get maximum throw, but in my backpack I also carry an extra borofloat lens with LDF diffuser film (from flashlightlens), so I swapped it in, turned it on, and BAM, there was light!

I must say, it looked quite good, imo, because the diffusing film made it into a perfect floodlight (no hotspot at all) - even better than the indoor lighting! It also served as a perfect handwarmer in the cold Boston weather!

Now, the CL1909 on 3xIMR26500 only runs for ~20-25min, but luckily the firemen cleared the building within 15mins (no fire, thankfully), and we all headed back in before my battery ran down.

Lessons learned:

1) A big light can come in useful!

2) Use SMO for max throw, but carry a diffusing lens (Well, others may disagree with me here, I guess a LOPdiffuser also works well) - flood is really useful!

3) When it comes to stage/performance lighting, incans still rule! (I did try my quarks on max w/ diffusers, while not as bright of course, the quality of light didnt seem as good)

4) Consider carrying a 2nd battery pack in case your first runs low

5) Keep your batteries charged up all the time =)

6) A light which is not with you when you need it is pretty much useless.

All in all, a good flashaholic's night! :)

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