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Aug 23, 2004
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Well, I've never really used my polaris TK for any period of time. I decided to run a pack through it to see what kind of runtime i get and how hot the light got. So I turned it on and sat it on its tail. About 3 minutes into the run i hear a *snap*. I reach over and grab the light and turn it off real fast. It turns out the lense shattered. I was definately not expecting that to happen. What do you guys think? Too tight of a fit of the lense in the bezel? or just too much heat too fast? I was using a Osram 64623 at 14.4v.

I'm not 100% sure which lense was used but it's definately glass.

Edit: Found the old production thread. IT's a hardened MagCharger Mineral Glass Lense. Obviously it wasn't tough enough.

What should i use as a replacement?

I put a plastic Mag lense in there from one of my unused hosts to protect the reflector. Obviously i dont plan on using the light until i get another good lense in there. Unless i want smokey melty lense action. Which i dont.

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Dec 20, 2006
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Get a Borofloat lens, they won't crack from mere heating or cooling so you'll be covered on that front. 'course this is coming from a guy that doesn't have an insanely bright incan.