TK11 problem


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Jun 4, 2009
I use two TK11's at work. I am a cop and run around after people, so the lights get a lot of general abuse, but I have only dropped them on the cement once each in the year + that I have had the lights. I think that's pretty good.

PROBLEM - Both lights fail to turn on sometimes when clicked. Sometimes it takes 4 - 5 times to get the light to turn on, then sometimes it flickers. That is unsafe.'s support site stated to contact the seller to have it fixed. Flashlights4all, although very nice and quick to respond, stated they don't fix lights, and their ditributor is shutting down. (Something like that) Fenix has not answered my emails.

Any thoughts on how to get my flashlights fixed?

On a side note, the batteries are 18650 ultralight I think, all 4 batteries are over a year old. I am away from the lights for the time being.

If it's going to be a pain in the butt to get them fixed, what light should I get?

I sort of want two new lights anyways. Suggestions? If Fenix doesn't want to fix their lights after a year of regular use, I'll go with another brand. My specs are pretty hard to come by. I have found a few that seem alright, but I am no expert.

-Pretty tight beam that goes a long way and penetrates tinted windows. (throw?)

-At least as bright as the TK11. I bought some wolfeyes light that was rated with a lot more lumens, but I was extrememly unimpressed. I think it was because the beam was so spread out. I sold that to a buddy within a week. The more light, the happier I will be.

-Etched metal to make it easy to grip when wet with... well, use your imagination.

-I do not want many features. I want to press the rear clicky and I want the max light on... Every time. I do not have time to putz around to get to the correct mode. Pulse is unsafe in my book for numerous reasons.

- It must have rechargables, either 123 or 18650 batteries. Whatever batteries work better with that specific light. I do not have $ to buy batteries all the time.

-The length / width of 1 - 18650. That is a perfect fir while working.

-As durable as a 5 tube with a light can be.

-I have found that between $70 - $100 is a good range. Seeing that I am buying two lights plus new batteries just to be safe, that doubles the differences in price.

- In theory, I like the Surefire brand, but the are not bright enough from what I have seen, IMO.

I found a pretty comprehensive list of lights for coppers, but it was from 2009.

Anything similar nowadays? Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be appreciated.