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Sold/Expired V54 Lumintop FWAA

Oct 21, 2011
This is an enthusiast product. This is NOT for kids or for use as a simple flashlight. I wouldn't even allow someone who isn't an enthusiast to use it for a second.

30 bucks shipped. Triple 2800k LED. Don't remember the specs but it's a lot brighter than my Prometheus Delta. It will absolutely start a fire or burn a hand if left on high and I do not keep batteries in it and only have it in my pocket with the lock engaged. It gets HOT. Anduril UI. It's a fascinating light with a ton of features. I'm done playing with it but for 30 bucks shipped it's probably worth your time just to experience something so unique.

Will come with two 14500's. Vapecell 10A discharge 1000mah.

Interesting light but it can be a little finicky. Only buy this for yourself as a toy. Modded by Vinh who we all know and love with V54 engraving on the clip.


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