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For Sale - Flashlight Custom RRT-01, Rovyvon, Lumintop


Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 16, 2020
All prices include insured shipping within the US, payment via PayPal FF (add 4% for G&S).

All lights do not include a battery unless otherwise stated.

HDS Rotary NB35 18650 $365
Like new condition. Im the second owner and never carried it outside of the house. Small scuff on the bezel as shown in the photos. Comes with original HDS box and papers.

Foursevens Preon Ti Onibi $135 $125 $115
Limited edition titanium Preon. Previous owner de-domed the emitter, nice warm tint around 3800K. No visible wear, appears factory new (aside from the LED modification).

Custom RRT-01 Triple $125 $110 $95 Sold
Previous owner listed it as a custom modification by SkyLumen. There is no card included, but I have little reason to doubt the mod is done professionally. Tint is 4000K, comes with two extenders, original box.

Custom Streamlight Wedge $100 $90
I did the emitter swap on this one. It has a domed Nichia 519A, 4500K tint. Nice even beam and solidly built. Small surface scuffs on the finish, but no loss of anodization.

Rovyvon A24 Ti $70 $65 $50
Two green tritium installed in the tail, works well; appears to be a high CRI 4000K beam, Ra of 93. Comes with original zipper case, lanyard, ring, accessories.

Acebeam Pokelit 2AA $20 ($15 as an add-on to any other purchase)
Like new condition, comes with proprietary lithium battery, will work with two AAs as well.

Lumintop GT Mini Pro $65 $60 $50
Stock and like new condition; excellent pocket thrower with a neutral beam. I planned to modify this one, but the beams was nice enough for me to change my mind. Only used in the backyard for puppy potty duties.

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