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Dec 26, 2019
My main carry consists of a Frelux Synergy and a Muyshondt Aeon. I use the Frelux Synergy for carry in pants with straight-cut pockets and the Aeon for pants with slant-cut pockets, as I found the Synergy tends to tip to one side when clipped in a slant-cut pocket. I want to reduce the number of different batteries that I use and eliminate the CR2 from my life, so I want a light to replace the Aeon for slant-pocket carry. I'm looking for something that takes only one AAA battery, with a clicky (rear or side), high CRI and no cooler than 4000K (preferably warmer, 3000K or 2700K if possible), I would prefer no mode memory or anything that has a parasitic drain on the battery, preferably 3 output modes that are somewhere around 1/25/125 which is what the Synergy has and I feel is absolutely perfect (definitely has to have a brighter medium than what the Aeon has because that light's 15-lumen medium stinks). My budget is $200. If I can avoid a friction-fit clip that'd be great. It's either gotta be 1xAAA or a built-in rechargeable battery and it needs to have a similar footprint to the Aeon (which is about 63mm long and about 17mm wide). A body color that isn't black is a big plus too, I'm sick of black flashlights. Any suggestions?


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Old Dominion, USA
The new Reylight copper Pineapple Mini AAA is clicky, seems to meet your requests.

I have the prior twisty version and like it, I'm waiting to see if Reylight comes out with a Ti mini.

Edited: And of course, the Preon series old, new or customized.
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Apr 22, 2010
The copper mini Pineapple AAA is the light that first occurred to me, too, when I read the original post. I've been using mine a lot since I got it. I have it programmed to 10%--40%--100%. A lot to like, and at a reasonable cost.

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