Wanting a multi use headlamp that can double as a flashlight\lantern.


Newly Enlightened
Aug 14, 2008
I am in need of a new headlamp, all my good ones have been confiscated by friends of mine, so all I have are the $5 ones I pick up here and there from home depot or lowes.

I'll be going on an extended motorcycle trip, might spend about a month or so in the desert at Black Rock City.

My requirements would be

long battery life, I don't necesserilly require a 150 lumen light, I'd gladly trade down a few lumens for say 72hrs of battery life.

If it can double as a flashlight that would be great.

A lantern can be made by simply strapping it to a water bottle pointing into the bottle, but having some sort of diffuser would be nice too.

So, whatcha guys got in mind that would work?