What was your best "thank God I have a flashlight with me" situation?


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Feb 11, 2015
The Netherlands
One night late in the evening me and my girlfriend where walking the dog. And suddenly there was a person standing in the woods staring at us. Of course the first to notice him was the dog. It was around 30 or 40 meters.

At that moment I think he only could see my girlfriend, when the dog started to growl in this direction I noticed the person. He was walking towards my girlfriend. Unfortunately the dog torn loose and stormed towards the person (note it is a 83 lbs Pitbull very sweet animal, but very protective). So I took my S2r baton 2 and turned on the turbo mode and ran after the dog. Lucky the person was afraid and took of, and i caught my dog.

A neighbor (how also was walking his dog) had witnessed it, and ran towards my girlfriend, so she was not alone.

Note: I live in the Netherlands, and when my dog bites someone it will but down (because it is a Pitbull). And that was reason why I chased my dog.

I Love to hear your stories, and in advance thanks for sharing.

Jean-Luc Descarte

Jul 29, 2020
Where the sun sets fast
When a tree fell on the powerline to my house, back in 2017 (I'd say November, but can't be sure if it was that or October). It destroyed the post so it was irrepairable, and we had to make a new one.

For the whole week, we used almost all of my flashlights to light up rooms and such (I brought the batteries and charger to work to juice them up). The alternative would've been candles and a Dietz-like cold blast kerosene lantern, and both are a hard pass for me after hearing how my mother's first house burned partially down in the past because of an unattended candle.

Curiously for a few here, we rarely used more than the lowest or second-lowest modes. They really showed their worth when they weren't competing with any other light sources.


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Apr 30, 2015
I had a tire blow out on a dark, winding road out in the middle of nowhere with no streetlights or any ambient light at all. I needed the light to change the tire and so that cars could see me when they came around the turn.


Oct 19, 2003
In a handbasket
Two situations:

Recently when I got stuck in an elevator. The door closed and then... nothing. None of the buttons did anything at all. The door wouldn't open and the thing wouldn't move. A few minutes into this and the lights went out. I had my trusty PD36R on me at the moment.

Several years ago I was working alone at a remote location deep in the woods at night. It was quite dark when I got out of my vehicle. Looking around to get my bearings when I heard "crunch... crunch... crunch" in the woods somewhere near me. I couldn't tell what it was or where it was. Fortunately I had my Stanley HID with me so I lit it up and did a 360 degree sweep with it. I never did see what the creature was but i didn't hear any more movement after that, so I hightailed it into the building.

Hooked on Fenix

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Dec 13, 2007
1. Hiking down Mt. Whitney during a flash flood at night. Used a Fenix HL30, the only headlight to survive in our group.
2. Backpacking at Kearsarge Lakes in Sierra Nevadas with bears circling, then ransacking our camp. Had a 2AA Minimag (not l.e.d.)
3. Hiking up Mt. Whitney during a thunderstorm, followed by a snowstorm in July, followed by a car accident on the way home. (Had Princeton Tec EOS headlight)
4. Using the strobe on my Fenix P3D Q5 to scare away a mountain lion near me while camping at Dos Picos Park in Ramona, CA.
5. Last night, hiking down Black Mountain, Ramona, CA using my Nitecore MH10 v.2 and Nitecore HC60 headlight with hearing the high pitched barking of coyotes or wolves follow me back the last 3 miles.


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Nov 21, 2014
Prescott Az
One night late in the evening I was walking my daily seven mile walk. And suddenly there was a loose dog standing in the street looking at me. It was around 50 feet away. It looked like a German shepherd. I am a very nice person, but I am very protective. The dog stormed at me, so I turned my X65 on the turbo mode. Luckily, the dog stopped and took off. I live in Prescott, and when a loose aggressive dog immediately threatens to bite me, I force that to not happen.
Dec 12, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
When my keys, iPhone, wallet or medication goes missing, i whip out the Sofirn SD01, the Jetbeam TH20 Guardian, or Thrunite TN50. Works every time!


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