Who knows about Makita 18 Volt batteries


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Oct 7, 2020
I have tested Makita packs and cells and have some information. I could share. I have to admit that of the Makita flashlights are pretty good for the money. I have tested Makita packs and cells and purchase test equipment to find as much information about them. I have quite a few facts that I have found out. I have alot of high-end high-powered flashlights so I have the test for 18650 & 21700s. What is the standard discharge for testing high output cells. I don't think I ever had straight answer. I have tested 10 amps and as low as 1 amp. Has any body ever found a aftermarket supplier with reliable cells. The only ones I have found has been makita packs. But very few ever match what the cells are quoted.
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