WildTrail WT90 SBT90.2 5500lm 2000m 3*21700 Flashlight Group Buy - ACTIVE


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Jan 18, 2015
WildTrail WT90 SBT90.2 5500lm 2000m 3*21700 Flashlight
by Banggood Store

Group Buy Price: $168 (usual $249)
Freeme's Exclusive Coupon: F98260

Can't wait for our reply?? Group Buy Price: $168 (usual $249)
Freeme's Coupon: F98260


WT90 is a powerful and superbright long-range flashlight, manufactured by WildTrail with support by Texas_Ace from the BudgetLightForum (BLF). It features a high performance Luminus SBT90.2 LED on a high efficiency DTP MCPCB board as well as a sturdy and sophisticated design with a tactile electronic side switch and Tom E’s flexible NarsilM user interface with smart thermal regulation, mode-sets and smooth ramping. WT90 is state of the art, powered by three 27100 high drain batteries for best performance. Its maximum output is up to 5.500 lumens with a maximum range of 2.000 meters. For your convenience it provides internal USB-C charging including a powerbank feature to recharge your USB devices.


Emitter: 3V Luminus SBT90.2 5.700K 70CRI, mounted on copper DTP MCPCB
Luminous Flux: Up to 5.500 lm
Intensity: Up to 1.000.000 cd (ANSI throw up to 2.000 m)
Battery: 3x 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery (Not included)
Charging: USB-C port within battery carrier (input/output up to 5V 2.5A)
Reflector: Smooth (SMO) aluminum alloy reflector
Lens: Glass with double-sided anti-reflective coating
Body: Aluminum with hard black anodized or clear coated aluminum alloy
Ingress rating: Equivalent to IPX-8, do not immerse in liquids
Impact resistance: 1m
Weight: 752 grams without batteries
Dimensions: Length: 204.5mm / Head Diameter: 99.8mm / Tube Diameter: 56.6mm
Button: Tactile electronic side switch with back-lit boot


  • Firmware: Tom E’s open-source NarsilM v1.3 adapted by Texas_Ace
  • User interface: [1] By default the WT90 is set to use the very intuitive NarsilM smooth
  • RAMPING UI. Instant access to a TURBO mode is also provided.
  • [2] A more conventional discrete level MODE-SET UI is available as an
  • alternative. Any one of 12 predefined mode-sets can be selected.
  • [3] MOMENTARY mode is useful for signaling purposes or rapidly/briefly
  • lighting up targets.
  • Battery length must be within 70mm and 71.5mm
  • Protected cells may not fit. Batteries are not included.
  • Driver: Texas Avenger FET driver with temperature control (see calibration in the UI chart)
  • Maximum current: > 24A
  • Reverse Polarity Protection & Low Voltage Protection (@ 2.9V)

Package Included:

1 x WildTrail WT90 Flashlight