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  • I went with an illustrious "Tiger" or Ti Eiger! Yeah, I know! I'm stoked. I love AAA too, but I also love momentary, and unfortunately, I love titanium. I can't imagine carrying copper and putting it in my mouth (the way I often hold my small edc for two hands free), I would think it would taste like old pennies. I think it would make my hands smell too, so I'm too scared to try one. How do you carry them without fear of losing one? For me, neck carry is the only sure-fire way to have constant attachment, because I lose everything. If it's not attached while I'm using it, like if I had to take it out of my pocket using a clip, I'd set it down somewhere and lose it all the time. I guess I just need to learn the art of martial edc better. I'm like a yellow belt right now, needing secure attached lanyards for everything.
    jorn, thanks for all your answers. you've been extremely knowledgable and helpful, and I really appreciate it. Thanks.
    Hei Jørn!
    Så du ikke hadde sett noen Microfire Pioneer
    Har du prøvd hos Lightman? vet ikke om de er på lager, men de er ikke å finne under kategorien ''Lommelykter'' du må søke på Microfire for å få de opp! :)
    I tilfelle du ikke visste det.

    Mathias :)
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