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  • Good to hear You are working on more better improvements.
    I remember conversations had in the past, and look forward to more discussing present as your time may allow.
    Good will to You and the family.
    Take Care
    Sorry to PM you on such a busy time for you but I've been looking at different drivers for an XR-C 7090 emitter I got from my older lights. I've already setup a drop-in to fit in my Crelant 7G5 but am wondering if the 3-mode driver I purchased from Shiningbeam will work. I'm not good with understanding Vf and the other ordeal with circuitry.

    Yes, the XP-E is a better emitter--as you've mentioned--but I would like to try the XR-C first to get a taste of how small-die emitters work behind a collimator. Plus, it's my own work so I get to understand strengths and weaknesses of the machining and measurement I've done for it, as well as satisfaction of getting something done by myself.

    Thanks for taking your time to read this. Again, my apologies for any time wasted,
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