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  • It looks like Robert is MIA with some money that people paid for his lights and no response from him since September of 2011.
    Another sad ending on CPF...
    Hey Sabrewolf,
    I'm new to the forum and I just wanted to let you know that your designs are amazing! I love the uniqueness and I sincerely hope I soon have lot's of disposable income to blow on your lights ^^ Also, go Gir! I kinda wanted to use him as my avatar but... first come first served I guess lol. But he is one of the greatest characters ever created!

    Shine Brighter
    Hello sir ,any news about my flashlight ,I payed it on may and I have no recieved it yet.
    Hi I would like a Mini 123-EDC . With sst90-back lit-2800 5mode. I would like to send you a check-$180.00?? Where to ?Thanks [email protected] Ship to: John Williams 1525 Circle Ave. Forest Park, IL 60130
    Love the progress your lights are making. Would love to discuss a light idea I have that would be used for the film / photo industry that could also easily be embraced by anyone needing even illumination for task lighting.

    I'm sure you have a bunch of different people coming at you with ideas, and I know you have your hands full with your current designs and ongoing builds, but when you have time to flesh out another idea, let me know.

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