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  • Dave> The WF-139 actually uses a CC algorithm.

    AW = "This charger uses CC/CV charging. It charges fast on CC and slow on CV to top off."

    Dave> some WF-139's trickle charge.

    You can check the ending voltage yourself W.

    AW = "The new WF-139 won't trickle charge after the LED turns green."

    Dave> Also, as for terminating at 4.20 Volts

    AW = "( newer version .. terminates at 4.2V +/- 0.05V ). I have done testing with over 50 pcs. of them and none of them charges above 4.25V."

    Pila IBC Charger Compendium post #1


    ***NEW***Intelligent Charger for LiIon cells post#1

    I don't know whom this guy Dave is that he can make a thousand unsubstantiated posts and not know anything. In 2010, both should do what you need and carry over into the newer high tech cells that are coming down the line.
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