2010 CPF Crystal Torch Awards: The Years Best & Brightest!


Sep 23, 2010
Wichita KS
Greetings and Salutations!

To all the CandlePowerForum Members around the Globe, Welcome!

The purpose of this ambitious thread is to recognize all the various manufacturers, vendors and custom modders out there. But let us not forget what makes this forum the success it truly is: Each and Everyone of YOU out there.

Let's Begin...

These categories are not clearly defined or limited to what's here, just what I imagined could be a good place to start. FEEL FREE TO ADD!

Best Button Cell Light

Nominees are: Titanium Innovations, Inova Microlight, Photon Freedom Series, and any others to add

Best Small Area Light

(small lanterns seemed confusing)

Nominees: Glo-toob, Krill Light, etc

Best Key Chain Light

Nominees: Maratac AAA, Streamlight Nano, Maglite Solitaire, etc

Best Single Cell Light, AAA Battery

Nominees: Add!

Best Single Cell Light, CR123A Battery

Nominees: I fully EXPECT a battle on this one!

Best Single Cell Light, AA

Nominees: Be Nice!

Best Multi Cell Light: CR123A


Best Multi Cell Light: AA

Best C Cell Light

Best D Cell Light

Best Manufacturer for 2010

Looking for Nominees that not only provided excellent service, but had a full range of products.

Best Legacy Manufacture Nominee for 2010, Hall of Fame

This Award would be for a manufacturer that has been in existence for ....10 years? more? produced quality products over a range of needs. Open Discussion.

Award for Best Custom Modder

Open for discussion, select anyone that produced work that has met a standard for quality, uniqueness, and creativity!

anyone can add a category!

CPF.....Let's Start The Selection!

Titanium Innovations