6V rectangular lantern battery


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Apr 7, 2007
I find it bizarre that Eveready still makes the 991 6V battery but does not sell it here in the US.
Yea, there's a ton of old farmers that still have lantern lights in their barns. Don't really understand that myself. I have a couple lantern lights myself, the square type, which is easy to find batteries for, and one that uses the screw terminals, that those batteries are pretty expensive, I don't bother buying batteries for it anymore.


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Mar 17, 2001
dayton oh
Anyone get the metal cased vintage batteries open non destructively?
The correct answer to the op's dilemma is to repack a nice period correct battery with real f cell nicads.
I do it to the smaller springtops.
And there used to be a rechargeable with a wall mountable charging dock.
The batteries were lame but the chargers handy.
I got one off ebay recently for $5.99 shipped.
Now i have 3.
Brand is condor.
Yellow and red diagonal stripes on the logo.


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Feb 2, 2006
Compared to the square 6V batteries, the rectangular are much better sealed and crimped. I think with patience you could probably undo the crimp on the bottom of the battery if so desired. My eventual plan is to cut the bottom out of the batteries and extract the cells that way. I would then make a low profile access panel so that cells could be inserted and/or charged. This would be the least visually obtrusive method that I could come up with. With this approach, function is re-established and aesthetics are maintained. You just couldn't set it in a puddle unless the access panel was made water tight.

Oh, and for now I went ahead and ordered two of the batteries from Newark. When I initially looked into it, there was an additional shipping charge that was pretty hefty. When I went back after others had success, shipping was pretty normal. It seemed like the easiest solution for now. So, no steampunk battery made out of brass & copper sheet for now.