Another light for a coworker...


Newly Enlightened
Dec 11, 2007
Coworker just told me he wants a new light.... He was the person that started me on carrying lights. He currently has an Inova X5, but wants a new one... that is brighter (which shouldn't be difficult). He wants to keep it roughly the same size, because it's going in a holster that he already has with his multi-tool. The only thing is, he wants to use more standardized batteries. He said AA or AAA, but obviously that means AA. He liked my first light, which was the Fenix L2D Q5... although skinnier, it would probably fit fine. He mainly uses it for random stuff around the hardware store we work at... and would probably be using lower modes as well as ultra freaking bright since he lives in the country in the middle of nowhere. If you have any ideas, that would be awesome. Price is probably going to be maxxed close to $60. Thanks!!!