Another p60 Triple XPG - Direct Drive


Sep 8, 2010
British Columbia Canada
There are already quite a few Triple XPG drop ins available in the market right now but since I had access to a mill and a lathe, I thought I'd take a stab at building one from scratch.

I ordered my board with 3x XPG and Carclo 10mm narrow optics for about $30 shipped. So this build is going to be much cheaper than buying a complete drop in.

I spent a lot of time deciding what materials to use and I finally came up with what I have now. My main concern was heat sinking so I've ended up finding a way to get a large hunk of copper in there. Also, I wanted to try to reduce any resistance since this is going to be direct drive so I went over kill on the entire electrical path. This drop in won't have any springs.

The board will be screwed on to a nice hunk of copper. I went with a screw because I want the board to be mechanically fastened to the heat sink. Also, it will allow me to really squish the two parts together with a decent amount of force. The 6 slots are for 18 gauge wires, 3 for ground which will be soldered to the slot and the other 3 pass through to the positive terminal.


The 3 positive wires will pass through this plastic insulating spacer and then get soldered onto the brass positive terminal.



These parts will then be fitted together with an interference fit into an aluminum sleeve.




All that's remaining is for the board to come in so I can solder it up and press it into the aluminum sleeve.