best run time and brightness out there?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 8, 2002
Trying to find the best run time and brightness for a incadesant flashlight out there for under $50? any suggestions?

Use will be for around the house primarrly

Chris M.

Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 17, 2001
South Wales, UK
Welll....if it`s run time and brightness you`re after, I think you could do worse than the Princeton-Tec Surge. I got mine today, wowee- it`s a bright`un
. Runs for over 3 hours on 8 AA cells, and unless something`s just not quite right here, it seems to put out more light than a 3-cell Surefire (P90 lamp) at least initially.
Focussable beam, goes narrower than the SF so it can throw further, and although that beam isn`t perfect, it`s still much better than your average Maglite. It`s intended as a dive light so is very waterproof too.

My only real complaint is that the batteries are not the easiest to change. They are loaded into an internal carrier that also supports the bulb and switch (that is activated from outside with a side-to-side lever), and it`s held in place with two clips that you have to squeeze and pull to remove in order to get access to the batteries. Thing is, they are quite slippery with no real grips on, so it`s hard to do. I cheated in the end and used my Gerber multi-tool to grip and tug one. Still, for round the house I don`t see it as being too much of a problem, you can always raid the toolbox if need be. Out in the middle of nowhere with cold wet hands, most would struggle to get them out I expect.
It`s not exactly the smallest or lightest thing but is smaller and lighter than most 2D cell lights and puts out more light than 6D cell lights!

Overall verdict- great value and very useful. Mine was a shade under $30 but I`ve heard they sell for less in many places. Batteries included too, who could ask for more?