Book Light ?


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Jan 8, 2014
Hello everyone - years ago I bought a Zelco 'Itty Bitty Booklight'. It uses incan bulbs, has an ac power transformer and a little battery pack for using C cells if you want. It clips on to your book, putting the light where you need it but doesn't disturb those around you. The problem with it is that the light is a little dim for my tastes today. About 3 years ago I saw two booklights offered in a clam shell package at Costco and I thought I would try them out. Terrible ! Much too bluish a tint made reading difficult. I never really used them & gave up on looking for an LED book light.

Well I recently bought a couple L3 1xAA powered flashlights with the Nichia 219 LED and the tint and brightness are perfect. So this got me to wondering - - - has anyone come up with a nice, neutral tint LED book light ? Even better would be one that would run off of 18650 batteries - something lightweight, compact and with plenty of run time.

If you know of such a book light I would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks !

P.S. - I'm also looking to getting this booklight for an elderly lady relative of mine. So headlights aren't what I'm looking for. An actual clip-to-the-book light would be best.
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