Christmas Gifts II


Dec 15, 2002
Michigander in SeaTac
Last year I gave away several lights at Christmas time and wish to continue the tradition again this year.

I don't 'collect' flashlights, but I have bought several with the thought of replacing a light I currently use. Some didn't pass my muster; however, they are still good lights. Others I thought were keepers, but have already been replace by an even better light. A couple I bought just because they were too good a price to pass up, knowing they would just go straight into the Christmas box.

Friday, December 3rd, I will draw names from a hat of those whom ask to be considered in this thread. The first person drawn gets to choose one light. The second person drawn gets to choose one light from what's left, and so on and so forth.

I won't mention what lights I have until after the drawing.

Here are my rules-

-This offer is open to those active members of the CPF community who cannot afford to buy these lights themselves, whether it be because they have no job, no disposable income, or are still in school.

- If you have a few 'high end' lights, but don't have any cash at the moment, you don't qualify.
- If you just don't want to spend your own money, you don't qualify.
- If you just want another light to add to your collection, you don't qualify.
- If you aren't registered at CPF before this post, you don't qualify.
- If you haven't posted at CPF in the last 6 months before this post, you don't qualify.

PLEASE do not ask to be considered just because you do not want to spend your own money. Let someone who truly is in need have a chance to get them.

Happy Holidays to all!

<font color="orange"> EDIT - 04Dec - I moved the list (below) to the first post to make it easier for people to find. </font>

Well, I just got home from work, so let's go!

<font color="green"> First, here's the list of lights I will be giving away- </font>

1. Gone - to phoneguy, Surefire L7 – I bought this light as soon as it came out. I should have waited. I'd hoped it would have a L6 reflector, but it uses the L5 reflector. I already carry an L5 w/Pila, so I didn't need another rechargeable L5. It does have a nice white beam; I like the tint better than my L5. 2 Batteries and charger included.

2. Gone - to PocketBeam, MR Bulk VIP – I traded an L5 for this, just so I could put it in the Christmas box. Great light, as you all know.

3. Gone - to Vtunderground, DSpeck Firefly – Original Firefly, w/BB400QIII and NX-05. I really like this light. I have 4 of these, 2 Firefly's, 1 Fire~Fly, and 1 Brass Fire~Fly, but I'm only giving away one.

4. Gone - to BayMoe, Orb CPF Special #86 – I bought this mainly to check out the switch. It has a nice white tint, w/green tritium. Of the numbers left to choose from when I ordered, 86 was the only one I could think of with any meaning to me. Remember Maxwell Smart?

5. Gone - to greenlight, d'mo Brass Peak AAA – Great little light, modded with a 1-watt LS. Nice white tint.

6. Gone - to Mags_suk, Longbow Micra – Black body, with clicky, Ti clip, lanyard, and holster. Nice white tint. Someone wanted to order one for me to forward but changed their mind. I occasionally place the order before they send money if it's a light I want to check out anyway.

7. Gone - to Wits' End, MR Bulk Super Baby Pin – Very Bright! Nice white tint.

8. Gone - to Neg2LED, Brinkmann Legend w/BB400LIII – Nice white tint. Black body, w/holster.

9. Gone - to BlindedByTheLite, Nuwai Q-III – Good little light. Nice white tint with lots of side-spill.

10. Gone - to cornkid, MR Bulk Super LGI – One of my all time favorite lights. I've given several of these away to relatives. This is my last one; progress has passed it by. Nice white tint.

11. Gone - to rinali, Tektite Expedition Star – Has a white tint, but it goes through 2 plastic lenses, so it loses a lot of light. Orange body.

12. Gone - to Kryosphinx, Haveblue Bowling Pin – Very bright light! BB400LIII w/Fraen. Nice white tint.

13. Gone - to GarageBoy, Rogesoul II – This one has excellent throw with some side-spill. LuxIII DD. Nice white tint.

14. Gone - to junior, Surefire 6P-GM – It was on sale some where, so I bought it just to add to the Christmas box.

15. Gone - to thesurefire, NiteStar 3-watt – Very bright, but with a green tint. With holster and lanyard.

16. Gone - to rinali, Inova X5T-HA – I like the look and feel of these. I have one as a keeper and bought an extra just to put in the Christmas box.

17. Gone - to notrefined, Electro Lumens Anglelux – 1-watt w/Fraen. Nice white tint. I have one of these in my earthquake/hurricane/blizzard kit (depending on where I live). OD Green body.

18. Gone - to Robban, Electro Lumens XM-2 – Nice white tint. With holster.

19. Gone - to KLM, Streamlight Argo – Brand new, replacement (by Streamlight) for the one I ran over 5 times. It's a nice light, but didn't work out the way I needed it to. Click here to see what one looked like after I ran it over. I felt better afterwards.

20. Gone - to notrefined, Pelican Saberlite 2020 Recoil – Nice white spotlight beam. I bought it to check out the recoil technology. I'd keep this light if it had a clicky. Yellow body.

21. Gone - to greenLED, Inova 24/7 – I bought this cheaply from a close-out sale just to add to the Christmas box. I have a couple of these; I like to use them as walking lights. The razzle-dazzle mode is good to alert drivers of your presence. Yellow body.

22. Gone - to thesurefire, Streamlight Jr. Luxeon – nice light, slight greenish tint. With cheapie holster.

23. Gone - to Robban, Streamlight Twin-Task 3C – Seemed like a good price, so I bought this just to add to the Christmas box.

24. Gone - to Former_Mag_User, Brinkmann Maxfire – Donated by Braddah_Bill. 2x123 Xenon. New.

25. Gone - to Former_Mag_User, Brinkmann LX – Bought it just to add to the Christmas box. 2x123 Xenon. Added a Borofloat lens.

26. Gone - to KLM, Underwater Kinetics 4AA 3Led – Bought it just to see what all the hype was about. I don't think it's very bright for its size. Does have a white beam that looks good when used close up. Black body.

27. Gone - to Neg2LED, Princeton Tech Impact XL – White beam with lots of artifacts. It was on sale, so I bought it just for the Christmas box. Black body.

28. Gone - to cornkid, CMG Infinity Ultra G – Bought it just to add to the Christmas box.

29. Gone - to greenlight, CMG Infinity – Original Infinity, not really bright, but long lasting. Good for camping. Comes in a gift tin.

30. Gone - to junior, Blue Photon 1 - Donated by KevinL.

<font color="green"> And here's the list of winners in the order that they get to choose their Christmas gift from me - </font>

~ 1. Vtunderground
~ 2. phoneguy
~ 3. PocketBeam
~ 4. Mags_suk
~ 5. Wits' End
~ 6. BlindedByTheLite
~~ 7. junior
~~ 8. greenlight
~~ 9. Kryosphinx
~~ 10. BayMoe
~~ 11. Neg2LED
~~ 12. Former_Mag_User
~~ 13. GarageBoy
~~ 14. rinali
~~ 15. greenLED
~~ 16. KLM
~~ 17. notrefined
~~ 18. cornkid
~~ 19. Robban
~~ 20. thesurefire

Vtunderground picks which light he wants and posts his choice. phoneguy then makes his choice from what's left and posts what he's chosen. And so on.

I will update the list to reflect what's been chosen already, but I sleep days, so don't wait on me. Just read the post ahead of yours and choose accordingly.

The process will take a few days because I won't notify you when it's your turn. You'll just have to check the thread to see when you're up. If it's been your turn for a couple days and you haven't chose yet, I will send you an e-mail and/or a PM. If I still haven't heard from you, you will be skipped over.

After you've chosen a light, send me an e-mail with your address and I'll mail your light to you. Don't worry about the postage; this is a gift, I'll cover it.

<font color="red"> Don't take a light just because it is free. If you have no use for what is available when it is your turn to choose, leave it for the next person. Please be considerate. </font>

Once we get to the bottom of the list there will still be some lights left over. We'll just run the list again, this time in reverse order, starting from the bottom and working up until all the lights are gone.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/santa.gif


Newly Enlightened
Dec 16, 2003
Fuerstenthum Lippe / Germany
I´m not qualified but I love your tradition .
/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/goodjob.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/clap.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/happy14.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bowdown.gif



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Oct 4, 2003
Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Three Christmas cheers to you, Keith! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/happy14.gif

I'm so thankful that I won't qualify for your generous giveaway, because this year I have a job.

Thanks again, ksbman, for your generosity last November, giving me my first Luxeon (BB400) light. I still use the light almost every day and it runs guilt free on rechargeable AA's. You brightened up my unemployed spirits a year ago and I was so surprised when I won one of your lights. da man...with true Christmas Spirit. Bless you.


* The Arctic Moderator *
Sep 25, 2002
"The 49th State"
Keith, this action is indeed special and I certainly respect your "qualification requirements"!

Thanks for doing this and please accept our "thanks and respect" for the offering!

(Oh and I don't qualify, just wanted to express my thoughts!)


Oct 28, 2004

Hey wow this is really cool.

I know I dont qualify, but can I send you a light to put in your Christmas bag to give out? It would not be a super duper light but would be a nice stocking stuffer /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

You can send me a PM ( I still take them cause I don't get many LOL) Let me know.



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Jun 10, 2004
At World's End
Keith, that is just simply awesome... first the international forwarding service then this?

I do qualify... to make a donation to the lights you want to give away! I'd like to pass it on too. If you are accepting donations for the draw, I'll try to find some small items I can contribute.


Mar 26, 2004
La Tiquicia
Wow, this is why CPF is such a great place. ksbman, you are great! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grouphug.gif

I'd like to be considered. I'm still in school. Thank you.


Nov 11, 2004
Hi, Keith.

I am not qualified, but would just like to step in to express my appreciation to your very kind deed. That is the true Christmas and CPF spirit in motion! Bless ya!


Jun 2, 2003
I don't qualify, but just wanted to give you kudoes for such a generous gesture. Thanks for showing the true spirit of Xmas.


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Aug 18, 2004
chill valley
Dear Keith,
Thanks for the super offer, and I think I qualify for all 5 conditions. Please enter me in the contest.

I have also enjoyed giving away stuff on this forum. Don't be afraid to post-
I will be trying to


Sep 6, 2004

I simply felt the need to post, so that I can say, that while I might not qualify, that what you are doing is truly admirable!

All My Best,


Jun 7, 2004
greenLED said:
Wow, this is why CPF is such a great place. ksbman, you are great! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grouphug.gif

I'd like to be considered. I'm still in school. Thank you.

[/ QUOTE ]

Just out of curiosity, how old are you?


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Jul 10, 2003
Canberra, Australia
I don't qualify either, but I really have to say that you are indeed THE MAN! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bowdown.gif Thank you on behalf of everyone as well, Keith. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/happy14.gif


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Nov 23, 2004
I want to add,, i dont qualify,but that is very cool of you,, and i want to say thnx too..


Sep 4, 2004
This is by far one of the coolest things I've seen done on a hat's off to you, sir.

I've sold off my better lights, and a few of my mediocre lights recently to make ends meet. If you decide to consider me, though, your light is definitely one I won't be selling.


Jun 4, 2004
I just found this thread. This is great ksbman! Please, enter me in the contest, thanks. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif



Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 16, 2004
Whoa a flashaholic santa!!! I never thought I would see or meet another kind person online after someone else... He knows who he is and Im thankful. Am I qualified? 12 year old, comes home day after day after day staring in awe of SureFires? This isnt a joke is it? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/eek.gif I guess I qualify. May I be put on the list?


Dec 27, 2003
This is absolutely fantastic! I remember this from lsat year. I think I was still a lurker and I just couldn't believe the "family" spirit this place has.

Great job!