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Sponsor COB LED Strips-The New Generation Of Strip Lights


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Jul 15, 2021
COB is an abbreviation of the chip on board. The LED chips were packed directly on the PCB board. The COB refers to the mounting of a bare LED Chip in direct contact with a substrate to produce LED arrays, which allows for a much higher packing density of the LED array, results in higher intensity and more excellent uniformity of light, no light dots and dark area, high efficiency, high CRI, high flexibility, high beam angle, 180° beam angle, longer lifespan.

Link: COB Strip Lights


The advantage of Them?
1. Flexible, bendable, and cuttable.
2. Continuous and uniform lighting, spot-free, NO dark area.
3. Dimmable with modulation PWM Dimmers.
4. High CRI >90Ra.
5. It is brighter than traditional Strip Lights.

What working voltage products are available?
DC3V, DC5V, DC12V, DC24V

What colors are available?
2700K Warm White, 3000K Warm White, 4000K Natural White, 5000K Daylight White, 6500K Cool White, Tunable White, Pink, Blue, Ice Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, RGB, RGBIC, RGBW, RGB+CCT

What waterproof levels products are available?
IP20(Non-waterproof), IP65 Coated Waterproof, IP67 Silicone Tube Waterproof, IP68 silicone injection waterproof

What Width products are available?
2.7mm, 4mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Can I cut them to the desired length?
YES, you can. There are black lines printed on the PCB board, which are the places you can cut, and use solderless LED Connectors to connect them to the power supply, controllers, or each other. You also can tear off the double-sided adhesive tape to reveal the back of the PCB board, and you can cut from the copper point like the picture shows below:

How to light them up?
Connect the COB Tape Lights to the power supply to light them up. Add dimmers to adjust the brightness and color temperature. Add controllers to set the colors or dynamic modes, brightness, color temperature, and saturation for various scenes.

Where can you install them?
Nonwaterproof and waterproof products are available to install for indoor and outdoor lighting projects. Due to the seamless illumination, they are well-suited for cases where you can not hide the LED Strips behind anything and do not want to see the light spots: under cabinets, bedrooms, living rooms, staircases, outdoor spaces, homes, offices, bathrooms, etc.

The COB Tape Lights are easy to use and install. You can use them for many different applications below:
  • Shelf and Cove Lighting
  • Kitchen, Cabinet, Toe Kick Lighting
  • Living room, Bathroom, Bedroom, etc
  • Hallway, Staircase, Edge, And Egress
  • Signs, Backlights
  • Display, Showcase, And Lightboxes
  • Architectural, Artwork, And Models
  • Workspace, Bench, And Task Lighting
  • And Many More



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