Compact 18650 for 70 year old


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Sep 23, 2013
Looking a gift for a 70th birthday. Something like a olight s2r baton. The baton is a nice size and rechargeable lead as he hasn't a charger but the small button to turn it on is a bit fiddly for him as he can't find it. I need a button like a good clicky button like a fenix pd45 but its not rechargeable.
Smaller the better for working with.
Sort of like a mix of the 2, is their such a thing.
I've roughly £50-60 to spend


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Jan 13, 2021
Not really what you are asking for, but I've found the Streamlight Macrostream USB a great, simple task light for 90% of everyday use. It is smaller and lighter than my Fenix LD30, has a noticable hotspot but plenty of spill, hi/low with decent runtimes and brightness, easily actuated single tailcap clicky, and charges via microUSB with a slide of the head. It takes a proprietary 14500, for charging (it worked with a different 14500 but don't think it will charge with generic 14500's).

I thought I'd hate it (too simple, limited modes, etc.), but found it was pretty darn awesome for my work and around-house activites. Downside for a 70 year old, is that the sliding head is a little stiff to slide open (for charging).
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