Condor Terrasaur ... ( 1095 Scandi )


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

Condor Terrasaur - 1095 Carbon Scandi ( With a micro bevel )
1st thing I did was check blade hardness with my HRC files .. = 55/50 HRC ( 55HRC bites hard - 50HRC skates )
That's on the wrong side of the hardness scale for a knife blade . ( My opinion )

Soft blades ( especially scandi ) tend to roll the edge .
This blade set me back $80 something bananas to my door ( Austalian ) and .................................. is it worth it ?
Oh dear , Morakniv can be had here for $20 to $25 Oz bananas if you shop around and don't decide to overpay !
So the Terrasaur is 3 to 4 to 5 times more expensive than a comparable Morakniv .. ???????????????? is it in anyway better by the same margin = Hell No !

The Terrasaur rolled it's edge at 200 slices of rope ( A Typical of scandi ) , and stropped back strong ! But a much cheaper Morakniv does the same thing !

For me , the Terrasaur is either seriously underperforming for the $$ or just seriously overpriced for what it delivers ! ( My knife that I tested ) ..
This knife is a performance match for a Morakniv , with a serious price disparity !
Yeah , when it comes to knives , I really dislike overpriced underperforming knives . And in my humble opinion the Terrasaur is a perfect example of just such !


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May 8, 2017
Eastern Europe
Try Hultafors too, they are really powerful knives. In 2008, a comparison was made on local forum, the carbon Hultafors beat the plastic-handled Mora Carbon, but lost slightly to the laminated steel Mora No. 1 and they all lost to the older laminated KJ Eriksson. It was a rope test. Everyone was good at chopping wood. Now I don't know how the quality of steel has changed